In 1936, the last public display of capital punishment took place, and prisoner Rainey Bethea was subjected to a public hanging. Afterward, laws were passed that said all capital punishments should take place in private.New page coming to EYEONCITRUS.COM, yes your right, the name is the good bad …

Bipartisan Plan Could Block Hundreds of Thousands of Gun Sales

Redding Vice mayor and the owner of a gun shop Patrick Jones, right, shows a customer, John Robinson of Redding a shotgun in his store, February 19, 2013. Shasta County has the highest per-capita rate of gun background checks of any county in California. California has some of the nation's …

Red Flag Laws and the Consequences of Good Intentions

Something’s wrong with your uncle across the street. He’s always been a strange guy, but he’s been acting more strangely than usual since he lost his job last month. He’s been drinking a lot more too. He sits around all day, drinking Genny Light, and watching TV when he’s not blasting up … Continue reading

Vintage Corgi Toys 497 Man From UNCLE Oldsmobile Super 88 Car - Lot B

DINKY 30D VAUXHALL CIRCA 1946-47 NEWLY PRO- RESTORED. Afghan National Army soldiers receive care packages from a US Army chaplain's assistant at Camp Miawon, Logar Province, Afghanistan. Photo credit: US Army Morale is so low in Afghanistan’s armed forces that its soldiers — once expected to be a bulwark against the Taliban — have been … OO GAUGE 1 76 PIRATE MODELS NO.449 MCW METROBUS SINGLE DOOR BIRMINGHAM BUS

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